Dusty Yak Welfare Training

It is evident that the majority of Society Managers / Staff had received no formal training in Nepal. The team visited private child care homes in the UK and developed a bespoke Internationally Accredited Welfare Officer's course. The Course is Level 2 and includes:

  • Security - Basic understanding of the risks to children's security.
  • Basic Health and Safety - Educating on the daily challenges of child care where the sub standard health and safety in Nepal is reflective of a developing country.
  • Hygiene - Implementing good practice of personal hygiene in an environment where the basic resources are limited.
  • First Aid - To treat children’s ailments including cuts, bruises, burns, breaks, bleeding, choking and CPR.

The course will ensure that all orphans can develop in a safe, secure environment.

The mission is to deliver training to all children's home staff in Nepal.

Recent Training

Terry Harman from Darkstar Group gave a 3 day "Level-2 Welfare Officer's Course'' to the staff of Dusty Yak Foundation. The training was also attended by representatives from New Nepal Society and CHFN.

The training was based upon international best practices and included Welfare, Security, Health and Safety and First Aid.