Welcome to Dusty Yak Foundation

"We give Children the Childhood they Deserve."

The Dusty Yak Foundation aims to relieve the poverty, advance the education and protect and preserve the health of orphans, neglected, impoverished and/or sick children in need in Nepal and elsewhere in the world suffering from such hardship and distress through the provision of:

a) basic necessities such as care, accommodation, clothing, food and medicine;

b) educational tuition and equipment and the making of grants; and

c) financial, material and logistical support to organisations and individuals who work with such orphans, neglected, impoverished and/or sick children in order to help build or improve their accommodation, schools and living conditions in general.

Our Affiliations

The Dusty Yak Conception

Why We Are Different?

There are more than 195,289 registered UK charities – many spend more than 50% of their income on management, strategy development, campaigning and fundraising.

The Dusty Yak Team comprises of UK and Nepalese volunteers.

100% of financial donations are spent on Charitable Activities in Nepal.

Dusty Yak Accounts are published on the website quarterly.

The identified Charitable Activities are run by Nepalese Nationals, managed by UK Volunteers.