Budhanilkantha Children’s Home

Our first project was to set up an orphanage and rehouse 11 girls that were living in extreme poverty.

The girls were previously housed in rooms with up to three children sharing a bed. The tin sheets acting as a roof offered little protection from the elements. The Children were suffering from malnutrition and other medical problems. Some of the children were suffering from abuse. A make shift tap provided washing facilities for the children, kitchen and clothes. There was no heating or hot water.


At the home the girls are accommodated in a well equipped house. The girls have their own beds with bathrooms. There is a kitchen with dining area, living room and classroom.

Our Girls

 Girls Education – Himalaya Private School

The children enrolled in the Himalayan Private School in September 2017. The school is a five minute walk from the house. The School has 48 staff members and 720 children from nursery through to year 9 (16 years). All subjects, bar Nepali, are taught in English. The School offers a peaceful environment with qualified teachers promoting learning through Montessori methodology. 

As the girls had received little or no education prior to joining our home, an after school programme for each child has been developed to bring the children up to their correct learning age in Nepal.

The girls have completed their first exams and all achieved excellent results.


S.N Name of the Children Grade GPA(1st Terminal Exam)
1. Anita Shahi U.K.G 2.76
2. Asmita Singh One 2.62
3. Bhawana Chaulagain U.K.G 3.02
4. Bipana Tamata U.K.G 2.47
5. Kristina Tamang One 2.47
6. Manisha Singh Three 2.51
7. Parmita Shahi Three 2.56
8. Pratima Malla U.K.G 3.07
9. Puspa Bhattarai One 2.73
10. Puspa Chaulagain L.K.G 3.07
11. Sushila Shahi L.K.G 2.71

Fig: Children with their GPA in 1st Terminal Exam

S.N Name of the Children Grade GPA(2nd Pre-Semester Exam)
1. Anita Shahi U.K.G 4.00
2. Asmita Singh One 3.64
3. Bhawana Chaulagain U.K.G 4.00
4. Bipana Tamata U.K.G 3.29
5. Kristina Tamang One 3.71
6. Manisha Singh Three 3.75
7. Parmita Shahi Three 3.82
8. Pratima Malla U.K.G 4.00
9. Puspa Bhattarai One 3.93
10. Puspa Chaulagain L.K.G 3.91
11. Sushila Shahi L.K.G 3.92

Fig: Children with their GPA in 2nd Pre-Semester Exam