UK Charity Commission

UK Charity Commission registers and regulates charities in England and Wales, to ensure that the public can support charities with confidence.

Within England and Wales they are responsible for:

  • registering eligible organisations in England and Wales which are established for only charitable purposes
  • taking enforcement action when there is malpractice or misconduct
  • ensuring charities meet their legal requirements, including providing information on their activities each year
  • making appropriate information about each registered charity widely available
  • providing online services and guidance to help charities run as effectively as possible


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Child NGO Federation-Nepal (CNFN)

Child NGO Federation-Nepal (CNFN) was established in January 1994 with the initiation of a group of professionals and representatives from Non-Governmental Organization (NGOs) working in various fields of child development and child rights in the country. It is an umbrella organization of NGOs working in child sector in Nepal and is registered with the Kathmandu District Office, Government of Nepal as a non-profit making and non-political Non-Governmental Organization as per the Organization Registration Act of 2034 B.S. (1978). It is also affiliated to the Social Welfare Council (SWC), the apex body of national and international NGOs working in Nepal. CNFN is a member based organization and, to date, more than 100 organizations have received its membership.

Central Child Welfare Board (CCWB)

Central Child Welfare Board (CCWB) is a statutory body created by the Children's Act 2048 BS (1992). It is charged with the overall responsibility to ensure realization of the rights of the children of Nepal by the state collaborating with civil society as well as national and international development organizations. It works towards protection of the children's rights as per the Child Rights Convention (CRC) standard. CCWB has overall responsibility to look after children's issues.
CCWB has 21 members in its Board. The Chair person of the Board is Mr. Dilli Ram Giri, whereas other ex officio members are Member Secretary of Social Welfare Council, Secretary from Ministry of Women Children and Social Welfare, Joint Secretaries from Ministry of Education, Ministry of Health and Population, Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Labour and Employment, National Planning Commission; representative from NGO Federation, Pediatrician, Teachers, Child Rights Activists and other reputed personalities.

Ministry of Woman & Children Social Welfare

Government of Nepal designated the Women Development Office as district focal agency in matters concerning women, children, senior citizens, persons with disabilities and NGOs. Further, on 16 September 2004, it approved the Mainstreaming Gender and Child Rights Guidelines (District Level), enabling the focal agency to effectively assume its role. The name of the Department was also changed from 'Department of Women Development' to 'Department of Women and Children' on 28 September 2010. District offices were renamed likewise. With the change of name came a more direct responsibility for ensuring the enjoyment of child rights.

This has broadened the original scope of work of the Department and so has the focal-agency role of its district offices in addressing gender issues and those of specific groups at local level.

Alternatively, empowerment of women, advancement of child rights and mainstreaming gender concerns are the three areas of the departmental activity.