About Us

“The Dusty Yak Foundation provides financial aid to support children and orphanages in Nepal. We raise funding and manage projects to clothe, house and feed orphans in order to help these children develop and realize their true potential through education and training. This is an on going program to enable a nurturing environment for children, regardless of age, race or faith. Where funding allows, other projects for low income and impoverished families are identified to create long-term sustainable benefit.”

Why we are different?

  • There are more than 195,289 registered UK charities – many spend more than 50% of their income on management, strategy development, campaigning and fundraising.
  • UK Volunteers manage the Dusty Yak Foundation.
  • 100% of financial donations are spent on Charitable Activities in Nepal.
  • Dusty Yak accounts are published on the website quarterly.
  • The identified Charitable Activities will be run by Nepalese Nationals, managed by UK Volunteers.
  • The Charitable Activities will be continually managed and monitored to mitigate against corruption and waste.